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Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you don’t have to look too hard to figure out why! The Mother City has no shortage of beautiful architecture, awe-inspiring natural wonders, colourful people, and more breathtaking views than you can shake a selfie stick at. And Instagram is a testament to just how photogenic our fair city is. Here are some of our top Cape Town attractions that offer the best Instagram worthy selfies and shots to light up your wall.

Table Mountain

Where better to start than Cape Town’s most famous landmark? No matter what angle you snap pics of it from, Table Mountain is humbling in its beauty! Whether you’re taking a perfectly framed selfie with the mountain as the backdrop, or taking spectacular pictures of any one of the many panoramic views on its summit, Table Mountain is bound to win those likes on social media.

And there are plenty of hidden gems and famous photography spots to discover, especially while hiking. From the Woodstock Cave to ‘the diving board’ on Kasteelspoort, you’ll be spoilt for choice for great photo settings. The Table Mountain Cable Car also provides some golden photo opportunities, revolving 360-degree views of the climb to the top.

Two Oceans Aquarium

Who needs filters when you’ve got the watery blue light of the aquarium to make your pictures all the more magical? The Two Oceans Aquarium is home to hundreds of vibrant and fascinating ocean creatures, with opportunities to snap some pictures of perky penguins and toothy tiger sharks. And everyone should take the time to capture some smiling selfies amongst the clownfish or in the underwater tunnel of the I&J exhibit. Your followers will just eat it right up!

City Sightseeing Bus

This one isn’t exactly a specific place, but we couldn’t picture a more spot than sitting back on the deck of an open-top bus to capture a unique perspective of the city. As the City Sightseeing bus makes its way down Long Street between historical buildings and meanders along the roads around Table Mountain, you (and your followers) can be treated to some fantastic photo-worthy views. And the best part, it takes you to all of Cape Town’s top attractions to give you even more fantastic experiences and photo opportunities.

Zeitz MOCAA Museum

You can find beauty anywhere in Cape Town, a place where history, art, and nature meet. The best example of this is the Zeitz MOCAA Museum, a marvel of history and contemporary art. This grain Silo, once the tallest building in Cape Town, now sparkles in the harbour, a towering structure of glass, steel beams, and concrete cylinders carved out to make galleries that house the largest collection of contemporary African art in the world. Like an industrial cathedral, it’s no wonder this breathtaking museum is also used to offer unique wedding venues and events, and it’s a great place to take some spectacular photography shoots to wow your followers.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Out of all of the Cape Town attractions, you’d be hard-pressed to find one as green and magical as the Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens. With hundreds of acres boasting an impressive collection of indigenous plants and flowers, sprawling lawns, and a canopy bridge with views of the mountain forests and treetops, you can capture some positively dreamy shots for your Instagram feed. Kirstenbosch also has paths and hiking trails that one can take up into the mountain to reach the dams, with great selfie spots along the way and at the top.

These are our favourite Instagram worthy spots, with memorable experiences and views that just waiting to be immortalized on your social media profiles. And with your City Pass, you can gain easy access to these Cape Attractions and more; over 80 of them in fact. No matter where you go, Cape Town is brimming with opportunities for exciting experiences and stories to tell.