Alpaca Loom Barn Tour & Coffee Shop

Alpaca Farm Cape Town
Get up close to a herd of nearly 350 alpaca’s on this working farm at the Alpaca Farm Cape Town. You can learn about the South American Alpaca’s on a fun and informative tour while weavers create luxurious wares using Alpaca’s unique fleece.

Highlights of the Alpaca Farm Cape Town

  • Cuddle the alpacas and their little crias on the barn tour
  • Relax at the Alpaca Loom Coffee Shop while enjoying decadent cakes and freshly brewed coffee surrounded by stunning views of the Cape Winelands
  • View and purchase top quality woven products handmade from locally grown and processed alpaca fibre

Description of the Alpaca Loom Barn Tour

Alpaca Loom also boasts a petting zoo, weaving studio and coffee shop. Parents can enjoy the decadent cakes and freshly brewed coffee, while kids can enjoy the Alpaca Loom Barn Tour’s much-loved jungle gym.

Don’t forget to visit the weaving studio, where locals weave handcrafted alpaca-fleece scarves, shawls, ponchos and blankets which are available for sale.


Dietmar Keil and Kerstin Heisterkamp started their farming adventure in Landskroon, near Landskroon Wine Estate in the Winelands. There they produced veal and free-range pork, with a small herd of 10 alpacas following two years later.

The limited space forced them to seek alternatives, and an adjacent piece of land seemed to be the answer. And so, Klein Landskoon was born. By March 2010, the main breeding herd moved to its new home, and the herd has continued to thrive in their new environment.

The Alpaca Loom is now a successful business and tourist destination that boasts a delightful coffee shop and kids play area, making it the perfect outing for the whole family.

  • Alpaca Barn Tours run Friday to Sunday: 15:00
  • Closed Christmas Day
  • Booking essential

Phone: +27 (0)84 793 3666

The Alpaca Loom Coffee Shop and Weaving Studio

Advice for visitors

The best time to visit this alpaca sanctuary is in birthing season. Take an Alpaca Loom Barn Tour to cuddle the little crias (baby alpacas), watch them try to walk, and bottle feed them – it’s a great hands on experience! On the tour, ask as many questions as possible. The owners and staff are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their animals.

Stick around to watch the process of turning alpaca fibre into fabric.

Did you know

The process of going from alpaca fur to spectacular garments is a lot more complex than people realise. The alpacas are well-looked after the whole year and come September, they are sheared of their lustrous coats.

The collected fibre is then sorted into different qualities and undergoes a second cleaning procedure by hand. After this, carding takes place to align the fibres for easier spinning, where the fibre is then converted into yarn. The yarn is washed, undergoes weaving to form a fabric, and eventually forms the final product.

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