Café Caprice

Café Caprice Complimentary Cocktail
Experience Cape Town’s iconic beach bar and restaurant on Camps Bay beach – cocktails, great food, resident DJ and an mesmerising sunset over the ocean!


  • Iconic beach bar and restaurant of Cape Town
  • Incredible sunset on Camps Bay beach
  • Great cocktails, great food, resident DJ in the evening, open until late


Café Caprice is the one of Cape Town’s leading beach bar and restaurant venues, perfectly positioned along the palm-tree beachfront of Camps Bay. One of Africa’s most photographed beaches, Café Caprice’s location is a hot-spot frequented by cosmopolitan locals and world travellers. The café offers guests the ideal ‘off the beach and into Caprice’ experience. Enjoy a selection of world class cocktails and, seasonal cafe-style cuisine and the evening of the South African sunset. Come evening, a resident DJ warms things up, as the atmosphere transforms from a relaxed sundowner’s vibe to a lively evening social scene.


Sundowners are a typical South African experience. A celebration of the last rays of sunshine, and a moment to salute the famous South African sunset, you’ll find most of Cape Town having a drink at this time of day. Situated on the seaside stretch at Camps Bay, Café Caprice is one of the most popular places in the city to raise a glass and enjoy ‘sundowners’.

City Pass offering

Pass holders receive a complimentary cocktail, valued up to R150.

Day Open Close
Monday 12:30 Late
Tuesday 09:00 Late
Wednesday 09:00 Late
Thursday 09:00 Late
Friday 09:00 Late
Saturday 09:00 Late
Sunday 09:00 Late

Kitchen closes daily at 22:00

Phone: +27 (0)21 438 8315 / +27 (0)82 963 7729

Café Caprice

Advice for visitors

The best time to visit this luxury beach bar depends on your mood. The café opens for a relaxed, beach-side vibe, and is an intimate lunchtime setting. Come sundowners, the atmosphere becomes more lively as beach-goers flock across the road for signature Café Caprice cocktails. With DJs and live music featuring regularly in the evening, dinner and drinks is often a lively affair that lasts long into the night.

Did you know

Café Caprice has attracted a number of socialites and famous celebrities thanks to its menu and its prime location in Camps Bay. Both Leonardo di Caprio and Prince Harry have been spotted lounging in the beach bar, and Zac Efron was seen enjoying the popular Granadilla Lolly cocktail.

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