City Cruiser Bicycle Rental

Bike rental in Cape Town
Explore Cape Town and surroundings at your own pace for half a day with a city-cruiser bicycle rented from Bike Tours & Rentals.


  • Half-day city-cruiser bicycle rental
  • Freedom to pick your own itinerary

Description of City Bike Rental

Spend a half-day cruising through the city of Cape Town on a city cruiser bicycle. On a two-wheel ride, there’s the freedom to pick and choose your own sightseeing adventure and spend as much or as little time at each location. Explore the Sea Point Promenade, with its own bike lane stretching along with the store. Or ride around the urban streets in the city centre and Woodstock, each of which has dedicated bike lanes and much to see.  


The bicycle has been around for almost 200 years. Invented in 1817 in Germany by Barn Karl von Drais in 1817, the original bike had two wheels, but it used walking instead of peddling to propel it forward. Pedals and cranks were only added in the 1860s, and it was only in the 1870s that the name ‘bicycle’ came into fashion. In 1888, air-filled tires were added to bikes to provide a smoother ride, which encouraged cycling for pure enjoyment. Since then, bikes have grown to be popular as both toys and means of transport.

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Advice for visitors

Plan your route through Cape Town before you hop on the bike. Much of the city offers safe cycling routes and bike lanes, so there’s no shortage of places to explore. Consider cruising along the Sea Point Promenade, which follows the Atlantic Ocean seaboard, or cycling from downtown to the V&A Waterfront. Once you have organised a route, decide what bike suites it best. Options include funky-looking vintage bikes, road bikes or mountain bikes for those keen to hit the trails.

Did you know

Just 30-minutes of exercise a day can cut your risk of developing cancer in half, according to researcher carried out in Finland. Another study found that just 25-minutes of aerobic exercise – such as cycling – boosts creative thinking. These are just a few examples of how cycling can improve our health and wellbeing!

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