Coffeebeans Routes Cuisine Tour

Coffeebeans Routes Cuisine Tour
Ready your appetite for this 4-hour tasting tour of Cape Town’s traditional food offerings! A unique way to uncover the complexity of Cape Town’s history and diversity.


  • Enjoy a 4-hour tasting tour of Cape Town
  • A culinary reflection of South Africa’s diverse heritage
  • Guided tour, with super knowledgeable locals


Ready your appetite for a four hour tasting tour of Cape Town’s traditional food offerings. Brush-up on the region’s diverse food heritage as you travel via mini-van through the city, sampling items from three or more eateries en route. Devour Cape Malay snacks in the colourful Bo Kaap neighbourhood, taste popular street foods and savour regional dishes such as ‘umleqwa’ or free-range chicken in the home of a local resident. A passionate guide will offer insight into Cape Town’s distinct culinary and cultural relationships, sharing how South Africa’s heritage stems from all over the world. Hear about some of the traditional dishes created by the indigenous people of Africa, and discover how colonialism, slavery and immigration influenced the food of the Mother City.


In the precolonial period, traditional South African food was characterised by the use of fruits, nuts, bulbs, leaves and other ingredients cooks gathered and hunted. People also farmed sheep and goats, but beef was considered the highest status of meat. Dishes consisted mostly of cooked grains, fermented milk and roasted or stewed meat. In many ways, the current diet of South African families can be traced to the indigenous foods that their ancestors ate.

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Booking essential

Phone: +27 (0)21 813 9829

Ikhaya Lodge

Advice for visitors

The tour lasts about four-hours, and guests are encouraged to bring a positive attitude. Don’t let the strange name or even ingredients of a dish scare you off – it’s best to give everything a try once! If you are a vegetarian, or really can’t stand the idea of eating innards, please be sure to inform your guide in advance. Also, be sure to chat to the locals who are serving up. It’s a great way to learn about South African customs and shake off the feeling of being a tourist.

Did you know

When South African communities slaughtered cattle, the ribs of the animal were considered such a prize that they were ceremoniously offered to the chief of the village.

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