Coffeebeans Routes Jazz Safari

Coffeebeans Routes Jazz Safari
Spend an evening enjoying the best jazz music in Cape Town, in different jazzy venues and with a local guide. The Jazz Safari includes a dinner and drinks.


  • Enjoy the very best jazz music Cape Town has to offer
  • Dinner, drinks with different musicians in different venues
  • Guided tour


Spend an evening listening to some of the best jazz music in Cape Town during a Jazz Safari. Join a music loving guide and meet some of the city’s jazz musicians, have dinner in the home of a local jazz artist and take in two live performances. The Jazz Safari begins with an intimate dinner held in the home of a local jazz musician who entertains with stories from the stage before holding a private concert. The safari continues after dinner, with drinks held in a vibey jazz venue featuring a stellar line-up of the city’s most talked about musicians. Opt to carry on with the safari at the home of another soulful jazz musician, or to have your guide introduce you to some of the city’s notable central hotspots.


Cape Jazz is a distinctive mixture of western and African influences, with sounds borrowed from all areas of the world and tweaked with the spirit of the Cape. Instruments that are often featured in local jazz bands include brass instruments, banjos, guitars and percussion pieces. The leading pioneers of this style of music from the 1970s are pianist Abdullah Ibrahim and late, great saxophonists Robbie Jansen and Basil Coetzee.

Day Open Close
Monday 19:00 23:00
Tuesday Closed Closed
Wednesday 19:00 23:00
Thursday Closed Closed
Friday 19:00 23:00
Saturday 19:00 23:00
Sunday Closed Closed

Booking essential

Phone: +27 (0)21 813 9829

Ikhaya Lodge

Advice for visitors

This tour gives you an experience that is impossible to find in mainstream bars or clubs. With the unique opportunity to meet local musicians, guests are encouraged to ask questions and take advantage of the intimate nature of the tour. These musicians are the ones defining the sound of the city, and are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the Cape Jazz scene. The tour lasts approximately 4.5-hours, but if you’re feeling the vibe, don’t hesitate to ask your guide for after-tour recommendations.

Did you know

The first form of jazz in South Africa was called Marabi. According to local legend, it was named after Marabastad, a town in Pretoria. Marabi is characterised by piano jazz and thrived in the Sophiatown area, where it was performed and danced to in shebeens, or local pubs.

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