Drumbeat Charters Seal Colony Cruise

Drumbeat Charters Seal Colony Cruise
Join a thrilling boat cruise to Duiker Island to see thousands of Cape fur seals near the spectacular coastline of Hout Bay! This is a family friendly cruise (kids love it…)

Seal Cruise Highlights

  • See thousands of Cape fur seals at the foot of the spectacular Sentinel Mountain
  • Family boat cruise around picturesque Hout Bay
  • You might also encounter some dolphins and whales

Information about the Drumbeat Charters Seal Cruise

Join a thrilling boat cruise to Duiker Island to see thousands of Cape fur seals in their natural environment. Along the way, take in some of the most spectacular scenery the Cape Peninsula has to offer as you cruise along the rugged coastline from Hout Bay harbour. Expect breath-taking views of the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive and the Sentinel Mountain, in addition to the chance to see other marine life including dolphins and whales. Opt to continue the adventure and take the one-hour Seals & Shipwreck Tour, where the boat will travel further along the Karbonkelberg Mountain range to Maori Bay to the viewing point of the ‘Shipwreck of the Bos 400’, which ran aground in 1994 during one of the famous Cape winter storms.


Drumbeat charters have been cruising the Cape coast since 1989. Their Seal Colony Cruise boat has been specially designed to handle the unique weather conditions of the Cape waters. It’s most-frequented destination is Duiker Island, renowned for its Cape fur seal population and birdlife.

DayDeparture Times
Monday12:00 , 14:00 , 15:15
Tuesday12:00 , 14:00 , 15:15
Wednesday12:00 , 14:00 , 15:15
Thursday12:00 , 14:00 , 15:15
Friday12:00 , 14:00 , 15:15
Saturday12:00 , 14:00 , 15:15
Sunday12:00 , 14:00 , 15:15

*subject to a minimum of 15 passengers

**subject to a minimum of 15 passengers, can be arranged to include Seals & Shipwreck Tour

Phone: +27 (0)21 791 4441 / +27 (0)82 658 7055
Website: www.drumbeatcharters.co.za

Drumbeat Charters South Africa

Advice for visitors

The cruise lasts between 40-minutes, and is considered a relatively short and safe trip on the sea. The boat has a nicely stocked pub and snack bar providing refreshments on the trip. Guests are encouraged to relax and enjoy the ride to the island, and to bring a camera. There’ll be more than one opportunity to capture the seal colony up-close!

Did you know

There can be as many as 7,000 Cape fur seals on Duiker Island. Those not sunbathing on the surface are swimming in the water below. Seals can dive to depths of about 40m. Interestingly, a seal’s diving abilities depends on its species. In general, young seals surface to breathe every 10-15 minutes, and the older seals surface every 30-minutes. Water also affects their hearing – it’s much better underwater than it is in the air.

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