Great White Shark Tours

Great White Shark Tours
Great White Sharks are the world’s largest predatory fish, reaching up to 6 meters in length. They are powerful enough to launch their 2 tonne bodies out of the water and are the ocean’s apex predators which make them therefore much less abundant than other large sharks. It also makes them the most feared creatures of the sea, to both sailors and sea inhabitants alike.

Greta White Shark Tour Highlights

  • Exhilarating boat ride from the Gansbaai fishing village
  • View the majestic great white shark from the surface or underwater from the safety of a cage
  • Look out for Cape Fur Seals, endangered African Penguins and, if you’re lucky, the famous Southern Right Whales

About the Great White Shark Tours

Come aboard the Apex Predator for the ultimate great white shark cage diving and surface viewing adventure tour. Launching from Gansbaai, the great white shark capital of the world, this tour is one of the best bets for seeing the majestic animal.

After an exhilarating 20-minute boat ride from the Gansbaai fishing village, you’ll start looking for sharks. The experienced crew will share their vast knowledge while taking you to view great white sharks from the surface or underwater from a cage. During the summer months, sharks keep close to shore and during winter they move to Shark Alley, a nearby channel created by two islands: Dyer Island with its endangered African penguins, and Geyser Rock with a colony of 60,000 Cape Fur Seals. This is great white shark diving with added value!


Great White Shark Tours owner, Brian McFarlane, has always made a living from the sea. He started at a young age as a diver for perlemoen before moving onto commercial fishing and then diving in search of wrecks along the southern coast of Africa. Before great white shark fishing was illegal, McFarlane caught many sharks, some weighing more than a ton. However, he regrets this dearly and now dedicates his time observing and photographing the beasts in their natural habitat. McFarlane has worked with these predators for 20 years and has only experienced a handful of non-sighting days in this time.

Day Open Close
Monday 07:00 – 12:00 not specified
Tuesday 07:00 – 12:00 not specified
Wednesday 07:00 – 12:00 not specified
Thursday 07:00 – 12:00 not specified
Friday 07:00 – 12:00 not specified
Saturday 07:00 – 12:00 not specified
Sunday 07:00 – 12:00 not specified
  • Tour leaves daily between 7:00 and 12:00
  • Transport R550 pp
  • Booking essential

Phone: +27 (0)83 300 2138 / +27 (0)28 384 1418

Great White Shark Tours Cape Town

Advice for visitors

Opt for the continental breakfast offered by the tour providers instead of a large, greasy meal as a sure way to decrease the possibility of seasickness. If you are prone to motion sickness, contact a pharmacist and get the necessary medication the night before and morning of the excursion.

The whole day’s trip takes three to four hours (a long time to be feeling sick on the ocean!). After tucking into breakfast, make mental notes during the pre-trip briefing of the possible marine wildlife you will encounter.

In terms of things to bring along, a camera is a must – you will be right up close to these apex predators in their natural environment; a windbreaker; sun block; and a hat for all weather conditions (rain jackets will also be provided); as well as warm clothing to change into when you return. Don’t worry about packing snacks, there will be a nice selection of eats and drinks provided on board.

The best time to go is during the winter months of May-September when sharks are plentiful and visibility is clear.

Did you know

Early fossil records suggest that great white sharks have been around for roughly 16 million years, though scientists believe they may be much older. The majority of the world’s great white sharks can be found right here off the coast of Dyer Island in South Africa, an area also referred to as “shark alley”.

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