Jewel Africa

Jewel Africa is a world class jewellery showroom offering an interactive and informative shopping experience, including a tour guided by the jeweller’s master diamond cutter.


  • Jewellery showroom with interactive experience focused on diamonds and Tanzanite
  • Discover the process of cutting, polishing and grading diamonds
  • Impressive collection of hand-made jewellery pieces


Jewel Africa is a world class jewellery showroom offering an interactive and informative shopping experience. On a personal tour, the jeweller’s master diamond cutter takes guests through the intriguing process of diamond cutting, polishing and grading. The showroom highlights the end product, and showcases an incredible range of handmade pieces including cutting-edge designs, loose diamonds and quality gemstones. A highlight includes uncovering the alluring secrets of diamonds and learning about the mysterious and rare blue Tanzanite, as well as other authentic African pieces. Expert, professional and friendly service combined with a variety of high quality merchandise makes every visit to Jewel Africa a unique and memorable one.


The first diamonds were found in India in the 4th century BC. It wasn’t until 186 that diamonds were discovered in South Africa. A farmer’s 15-year-old son discovered a transparent rock he presumed to be an ordinary pebble. The rock was in fact a 2,125-carat diamond. His discovery ignited a flurry of prospectors to the area, and by 1970 the opening of the Kimberly Mine marked the beginning of large-scale diamond mining in the country.

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Phone: +27 (0)21 424 5141 / +27 (0)82 323 7393

Jewel Africa

Advice for visitors

Diamond tours are available in any language, and give visitors an up-close look at gorgeous gems and stunning settings. Visitors can spend roughly an hour exploring Jewel Africa, which includes watching the experts pour a nine-carat gold bar. If you’re itching to buy something, but you can’t find exactly what you want in the store, Jewel Africa allows you to design your own custom or personalised pieces to be made on site. After the tour, walk around the cobbled streets of the Bo Kaap and grab a bite of the local Cape Malay cuisine. You can even join the free 90-minute guided walking tour of the area to get a true sense of the history and culture.

Did you know

South Africa is considered diamond country, and Africa in general produces 55% of the world’s diamonds.

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