Vredenheim Winery & Big Cat Sanctuary

vredenheim big cat tour
Are you a big game fan and wine lover? If so, you will love the rare and exciting experience of being able to view the big cats at Vredenheim Wildlife and Winery.

Vredenheim Estate Highlights

  • Rare and exciting experience of being able to view the beautiful Big Cats up close
  • Don’t miss the feeding times
  • Incredible meals on offer at the Hudson’s restaurant

About Vredenheim Estate and the Big Cat Sanctuary

The Big Cats include white lion, brown lion, leopard, tigers and caracal which can be experienced from viewing decks and behind fences. The experience is the only one of its kind on the Stellenbosch wine route and in  the Cape Winelands.

Visit the winery’s tasting room after the hair-raising experience. The tasting room is set alongside the renowned Hudson’s Restaurant and is the perfect place to enjoy an introduction to Vredenheim’s range of wines. After the wine tasting, pick your favourite and enjoy over lunch at Hudsons Restaurant.

History of Vredenheim Estate

Vredenheim is approximately 320 years old and is one of the oldest wine estates in the Stellenbosch area.

Coen and Rikie Bezuidenhout acquired Vredenheim in 1986, after moving to the Cape from their Game Farm in Kwazulu Natal. The couple’s love for game explains the impressive variety of wildlife on the farm today. The game includes blouwildebeest, springbok, eland, fellow deer, oryx, zebras and ostriches. Vredenheim is now owned by the couple’s children, Basie and Elzabe Bezuidenhout.

Opening Times of the Vredenheim Winery & Big Cat Sanctuary 2019

  • Big Cats Park tours run on the hour starting at 9:00, with the last tour at 16:30
  • Cat feeding times: 11:00 and 15:00
  • Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday

Phone: +27 (0)21 881 3878
Website: www.vredenheim.co.za

Directions to the Vredenheim Wine Farm & Cat Park Tour

Advice for Visiting the Vredenheim Wine Farm & Cat Park

  • They operate in all weather conditions, but remember the park is situated outside and you will need to dress according to the weather
  • Remember to bring your camera and some money as they have more to offer than the Big Cats and wine tasting
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in the wine tasting

Did you know

  • The lion population in Africa has been reduced by half since the early 1950s and today, fewer than 21,000 remain
  • It is a common misconception that white lions are albinos. Their white colour is actually caused by a recessive colour inhibitor gene
  • The leopard is a member of the Felidae family and the smallest of the four “big cats”. The other three being the tiger, lion and jaguar
  • There were once nine subspecies of tigers: Bengal, Siberian, Indochinese, South Chinese, Sumatran, Malayan, Caspian, Javan and Bali. Of these, the last three are extinct, one is extinct in the wild, and the rest are endangered

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