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Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with so much to offer its visitors. However, when visiting this colourful city it’s important that you keep yourself, your family and your belongings safe.

Touring the city of Cape Town is no different to touring a city anywhere else in the world and you need to keep your wits about you. Some common sense and these helpful Cape Town safety tips will keep you happy when visiting many of the amazing attractions this city has to offer.

1. Be safe when drawing money

The trick about being safe in South Africa and Cape Town is to always play it safe. Don’t be silly and use ATMs that are out in the open, use an ATM inside respected stores or head straight to a bank. When you visit an ATM that is not in a trusted store or centre you run the risk of having your card scammed.

When using an ATM, you need to be aware of your belongings at all times – purse snatching happens within a few seconds and is a common crime in Cape Town. Many of the places you may visit in Cape Town are busy areas and purse snatching can happen in the blink of an eye, and catching the perpetrator is not easy.

2. Be smart about where you go

When it comes to exploring Cape Town and being safe, all you need to do is use your common sense. If you avoid dark streets and alleys, stay in a group, and don’t show off your wealth or any technology that you may have you will minimize the chances of being robbed.

As festive and fun as Long Street in Cape Town can be, it can also be unsafe. If you are planning on visiting any of the nightclubs along this bustling street always stay in a group and never venture off on your own.

3. At your hotel

Much like any hotel in any other country, you need to follow a few rules to ensure that you and your belongings are safe at all times. You should never leave your luggage unattended, even when you are in the hotel. If you have valuables that you don’t want to take everywhere with you store them in the hotel’s safety deposit box. Always be sure to keep your hotel room locked, whether you are in it or not and never open the door straight away when someone knocks. When you leave, the hotel leave your keys at the reception desk and collect them when you return.

4. When you’re in a car

If you have decided to hire a car when you visit Cape Town then you are a few things you need to be aware of. To be safe, plan your route beforehand so you know where you are going and what areas to avoid and always remember to keep your doors locked and your windows up. When you stop off at a destination to explore be sure to lock your items in the boot (trunk) and park in a well-lit area – this will also make returning to your car safer.

5. General safety tips

When out and about in the city, always leave your valuables at your hotel or your Airbnb so you don’t have to traipse around the city with your valuables. Items that are targeted are laptops, cameras, mobile phones, and handbags. Never wear your valuables when touring the city because this will only draw attention to you. Do not get separated from your group or get distracted, which may give potential perpetrators the chance to make off with your valuables.

South Africa is famous for our beggars and car guards – a concept that is foreign to many tourists. Don’t take out your whole wallet or purse if you intend to give them some change as this is the fastest way to have it stolen.

6. Know where to go at night

If you have decided to do a bit of exploring at night you need to take extra precautions as this is the easiest time to get robbed. Never go out alone as you will be an obvious target and using a taxi to get to your destination is a safe option. It’s best to use Uber or a trusted taxi service when travelling at night as public transport is not always safe.

7. The best way to travel

If you really want to enjoy your time in the colourful city of Cape Town then using a company that specializes in tours is your best bet. SA City Pass is the perfect company to take you to the places you want to go to. From a tour up Table Mountain, a bike ride through the vineyards to a hike up Lions Head we have you covered from start to finish.