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If you are in the Cape Town area and feel like you may want to try something a little more daring, an adrenaline adventure with some beautiful landscapes then you are in luck. Marine Dynamics is a trusted Shark Cage Diving company situated in Kleinbaai near Cape Town, South Africa, where you have the opportunity to see and dive with one of the world’s most mysterious animals, the Great White Shark.

This adventure is nothing like Jaws, you are safe at all times, but if you think this is up to your alley then we have some more information about Marine Dynamics and their work:

Shark Cage Diving, The Marine Dynamics way

When embarking on this unique adventure you will not only get eyeball to eyeball with Great White Sharks, you will learn about these creatures, their environment and how they live. You will receive a crash course in marine biology as there is always a marine biologist on the boat with you.

Marine Dynamics specialises in Great White Shark Cage Diving excursions – this company has been around since the ’90s and they know their game inside and out. It was founded by shark pioneer, Andre Hoffman who was one of the first men to free dive with these elusive animals.

The team consists of shark enthusiasts, which include five marine biologists. They are passionate about sharks and the conservation of marine life in South Africa as they have seen the subtle changes that are occurring in South African oceans.

What to expect on your Shark Cage Diving day?

One thing that is very clear about this company is that they are truly passionate about their jobs and the conservation of this endangered animal. On your trip out expect to get a whole lot more than just a swim in Cape Town’s cold sea, you will have a memory that can never be taken away from you as well as the chance to say you swam with one of the world’s most respected predators.

You will learn how to distinguish between and a male and female shark, where they feed, breed and breach or how to tell the difference between specific sharks according to their dorsal fin.

The Slashfin is named after a unique, 3,3m male shark with a distinctive dorsal fin. This boat is a multi-million-rand boat that has been purposefully made for speed, stability, safety, space and comfortability that can take up to 40 people a trip. You are in good hands!

  • Before your trip, you will meet at the Great White House in Kleinbaai
  • Have a quick breakfast or lunch and register your wetsuit size
  • You will then get a pre-trip safety briefing about what to expect during the trip as well as a biological background on Great White Sharks
  • Then it’s off for a 200m walk to the harbour where you will board Slashfin
  • The travel time to Dyer Island is roughly 20 minutes, with the shallows being a short 10-minute ride
  • Where the anchor is dropped, all depends on where the sharks are
  • On average, the boat will anchor for about 2 hours, but this depends on shark activity, conditions, as well as the number of divers
  • If the weather is right, you will be taken on a quick trip through the infamous Shark Alley
  • After all the activity of the day, you will receive a debrief back at Great White House with some warm soup and bread to warm you up
  • If you feel like you may need a shower to freshen up there are cash showers available for you to use before you embark on your next adventure

Maybe you’re wondering why you should choose Marine Dynamics for this adventure, the choice is quite simple and here is why: Marine Dynamics is the company that is best geared for shark cage diving in the area, as well as offering you a once in a lifetime, adrenaline-packed adventure. This company is multi-faceted and dedicated to the conservation of all marine life. They are a multi-awarded Ecotourism and Conservation company; these guys are legit!

What should you bring with you?

  • The first thing you need to pack in is your costume or bathing suit.
  • Next, pack warm clothes with you as it can get chilly out at sea.
  • A camera, sunscreen and a hat/cap in summer or a beanie in winter.
  • Before you leave for your adventure you will receive a numbered bag with a wetsuit and a clean towel – so there is no need to go buy your own wetsuit.
  • Marine Dynamics will also provide you with booties, masks and a weight belt.

Is this an adrenaline adventure for you?

Unfortunately, the Great White Shark has a pretty bad reputation, Jaws did sharks no justice and many of us have an irrational fear of the sea and these mysterious animals. However, Great White Shark cage diving has become an enormously popular extreme sport in the last few years. Set aside your irrational fears, Great Whites are not bloodthirsty killing machines and embark on an adventure with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Great White Shark Cage Diving with Marine Dynamics is an attraction included in the Cape Town City Pass.