These terms and conditions of purchase are presented by iVenture Cape Town (Pty) Ltd (iVenture), the operator of iVenture Card packages in Cape Town and of the citypass website.

Upon purchase of a iVenture package (Package), a card (Card), designated by a display of the iVenture logo, will be electronically loaded with tickets, coupons, points or a pass (Tickets), which may enable the Cardholder to obtain certain benefits (Benefits) when the Card is presented to the attractions, restaurants or other operators (Operators) as detailed in the guide (Guide).

By purchasing this Package you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions:

  • The validity of Tickets issued on purchase of a Package may be, based on the specific Package purchased as detailed in the Guide, limited to a set number of consecutive calendar days from the date of first use of any Package Benefit and/or limited to a set Ticket quantity;
  • The validity of Unlimited Packages is based on calendar day and/or subsequent calendar days depending on the Package purchased. Note that the validity is not based on a 24 hour period. I.e. the day of first use is day 1.
  • Flexi, and/or Unlimited Packages will expire 12 months from date of card issuance,
  • Flexi, and/or Unlimited Packages will expire 12 months from date of card purchase,
  • Any unused Benefit included on Flexi Packages will expire 14 date from date of first issuance, for clarity purposes, no partial refunds are permitted in any circumstance.
  • Full refunds can be issued provided passes haven’t been used and the refund request occurs prior to the pass expiring. An admin fee of R40 will be charged to refund purchases.
  • You many not return to an Operator to obtain a Benefit a second or subsequent time;
  • Refunds will not be provided for any lost or stolen Cards;
  • Benefits and/or operators presented in this Guide may vary from time to time and as such you should confirm the availability of the Benefit with the Operator prior to use of the Card and/or visiting the Operator. iVenture will not be responsible for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience connected with changes in the product line-up;
  • Opening days and/or times of the Operators may fluctuate from time to time, the responsibility rests with the iVenture card holder to confirm operating hours prior to visiting. iVenture will not be responsible for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience connected with changes in the operating times of the Operators or the Operators terms and/or conditions
  • To the extent permitted by law, iVenture disclaims all liability arising out of or consequent to your use of the Card, Guide and Benefits;
  • All responsibility for the conduct, quality, availability or other thing in respect of the use of any Benefit is solely borne by the relevant Operator;
  • iVenture limits our liability or warranties implied by statute or otherwise by resupplying the relevant services;
  • iVenture entitles the card holder to certain Benefits, as per the Package purchased, to Operators upon presentation of the Card without further payment (unless otherwise stated) together with other offers and discounts where appropriate. Admission is subject to the Package being valid and to there being sufficient value remaining and subject to the operators capacity and admission requirements and its terms and/or conditions
  • All Operators and services listed are contractually bound with iVenture to accept admission without further payment (unless otherwise stated), subject to their normal admission criteria. iVenture will use all reasonable endeavours to facilitate admission or other genuine discounts in accordance with the terms of iVenture by holders to Operators, however, iVenture shall not be responsible, or liable for and loss damage, expense, or inconvenience, if any Operator, contrary to the terms of its contract with them, unlawfully and with no good cause, refuses admission or other genuine offers and discounts in accordance with the terms of iVenture.