Cape Town City Pass – A Brighter Future through Tourism

For every City Pass you purchase, we provide a homeless person with a bed and a warm meal.

South Africa boasts one of the World’s largest tourism hotspots, with Cape Town and the Western Cape accommodating over 2 million wide-eyed tourists every year. Foreigners exult in Cape Towns lively atmosphere, exotic locations, and booming tourism trade, with countless attractions to see and visit, from Table Mountain to the cities numerous 5-star restaurants and hotels.

Cape Town City Pass strives to open all the doors to tourists, facilitating their adventures. Cape Town City Pass is renowned for offering access to the most attractions in Cape Town. With our pass, you can explore the whole of Cape Town and its surroundings, making memories and seeing everything the Cape has to offer. The streets are yours with the City Pass.

Tourists share the streets with Cape Town’s homeless population. It was last estimated over 7000 homeless people live in Cape Town’s streets, living off donations or scraps. This figure is devastatingly high. It’s a constant uphill battle to home and feed the homeless, and in this fight for warm beds and full stomachs, every donation helps.

The Haven Night Shelter

With this in mind, Cape Town City Pass is proud to inform its customers that a portion of their purchase goes to the Haven Night Shelter, a charity dedicated to providing a safe haven for the homeless providing a better life for the less fortunate.

The Haven Night Shelter fights to improve the quality of life for their guests, with the goal being to get them back home and functioning. Alongside food and shelter, they offer extremely necessary rehabilitation, counselling, social welfare services, family reunification services, and physical care.

For the many suffering under substance dependence, the shelter holds their hand and guides them to a free, sober future, one with new hope, health and happiness. For children, it keeps their dream alive, reunites them with families, and gives them much needed support and emotional stability, which is essential to their well being. When at the Shelter, the sick can also be tended to and sent on to further medical attention if necessary.

All this goes a long in improving their quality of life, encouraging them to keep fighting, and giving them hope for a better future. Everyone deserves to dream, to hope, and to strive to achieve. Every meal and good nights rest allows them to work to the best of their ability and gives them the strength and determination to overcome any obstacle the streets throw at them.

With this in mind, we strive to provide shelter to as many homeless as we can. With every pass sale, your money goes towards supporting these individuals.

So when you buy a Cape Town City Pass, you know your purchase is going a long way to helping the less fortunate. For those who have decided to buy or have bought a pass, we at Cape Town City Pass, the staff, and visitors of the Haven Night Shelter, give you a big, heartfelt thank you. We hope you enjoy your stay in the beautiful city of Cape Town, and we look forward to seeing you again when you next visit South Africa, we guarantee there’ll be even more to see and experience next time you visit.

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