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When on a trip, you need to find activities and places to visit that keep everyone entertained and happy. World of Birds in the Hout Bay Valley is just the place to take the family because there literally is something for everyone.

The Hout Bay Valley is beautiful. Framed by the back of Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles, Constantiaberg, Chapman’s Peak and Little Lion’s Head. World of Birds is the perfect sanctuary for nature lovers and photographers.

World of Birds is the largest bird park in Africa and one of the few large bird parks in the world. There are over 3000 birds, small animals and 400 different species found in over 100 landscaped, walkthrough aviaries. What does this allow you to do? It gives you the opportunity to get up close and experience the animals more intimately.

Plan your day at World of Birds

There are a few things you will want to know before making the trip to the World of Birds.

Opening times

World of Birds is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Feeding times

Take note of the feeding times and work your schedule around this, you don’t want to miss out:

  • Penguins: 11:30 and 15:30
  • Pelicans: 12:30
  • Cormorants: 13:30
  • Birds of prey: 16:15


Monkey Jungle is open from 11:30 until 13:00 and from 14:00 until 15:30.

2017 prices

The entrance fee for adults is R95, children R45 and pensioners and students (with a student card) pay R65

Eating and drinking

If you would like to have a rest, get a bite to eat or something to drink then Robin’s Nest is the place to go. They serve light meals and drinks while you take in the beautiful surroundings. If you would like to have a picnic then bring your own basket along and have a picnic on the Flamingo Terrace and overlook these graceful creatures.


If the kiddies are getting tired then there is a solution for that too! You can hire a pushcart for your children at only R20 each. There is also a playground for children to have some fun in while the parents have a coffee.

World of Birds is Wheelchair-friendly

World of Birds caters to everyone and the sanctuary is wheelchair accessible and friendly. Visitors that are in wheelchairs also get free entry.

Shop and curios

When it comes time to leave you don’t have to do so empty-handed because the curio shop has a wide variety of souvenirs and mementoes for you to choose from and remember the day you spent at World of Birds.

Birds as far as the eye can see

As the name suggests, the World of Birds has a range of striking birds for you to see. From your run of the mill ducks and cockatiels to Rheas and Peafowl, you are going to have the chance to see some stunning, colourful birds as well as some scary ones like Vultures and Eagles.

World of Birds mammals

World of Birds also rescued numerous small and medium-size mammals over the years:

  • Meerkats
  • Monkeys
  • Marmosets
  • Tamarins
  • Squirrels
  • Mongooses
  • Foxes
  • Genets
  • Raccoons
  • Guinea pigs
  • Porcupines
  • Baboons

One of the cutest critters around in the World of Birds family is the Squirrel Monkey. There are 38 of these cute, agile and extremely inquisitive guys around, but they are mischievous and quick so make sure your belongings are tucked away safely. You have the chance to interact with these monkeys while you walk through their large enclosure. When moving through the Squirrel Monkey enclosure, you may be lucky enough to enjoy some contact with them.

There are also a few meerkats at World of Birds and one of the oldest, Meesie, is a rescue meerkat. She was an abandoned pet that was found on a busy highway. Meesie has now had two litters of two babies each and she loves her life as part of the World of Birds family.

Some scaly reptiles

World of Birds also hosts terrapins, green iguanas, rock monitors, tortoises and blue-tongued skinks.

The Blue-tongued Skink is the largest of the Skink family and they can grow up to 50cm. They are only found in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea so you are fortunate to catch a glimpse of one of these guys while at World of Birds.

There are different species of tortoises at the sanctuary. There are the common Padlopers, the Angulate tortoise and the larger leopard Tortoise. You can find them all in the large Tortoise Sanctuary at the top of the park.

World of Birds is a great family outing in Cape Town

World of Birds has something for everyone, even your tiny tots. Bring the whole family along and get more than just a face full of feathers! It’s quite easy to spend a day exploring the walkthroughs and maybe getting to meet a little Squirrel Monkey or another member of this diverse family.

Take something home with you to remember your day spent at World of Birds in the Hout Bay Valley and if you have time, take the scenic trip home through Chapman’s peak.

World of Birds ticket is included in your Cape Town City Pass.